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Creating Great Audio for Free Tutorial

In this tutorial, Jacquie Kuru explains how the audio quality on a phone recording can be improved with some simple modifications rather than buying expensive audio equipment. 

See the written tutorial here

Audio Crash Course


iVoices Innovation Pack

Short royalty-free tracks for use in audio and video production. Attribute the Innovation Pack created by our iVoices Student Media Lab team using in the following style:

Music includes [Tracks used, for example, Melody 1 and Drums 2] from iVoices Innovation Pack by Gabe Stultz, iVoices Media Lab, CC-BY.

Download the entire pack here.

Make a Meme

Our Media Lab workers create the the assignments they teach to our large General Education class ESOC150b. Here Jacquie Kuru explains our Make a Meme assignment.


Adding Music in Premiere Tutorial

A tutorial by Gabe Stultz on how to add music to a video in Adobe Premiere Pro for our ESOC150b class assignments.

Audio Upload and Conversion Tutorial

In this tutorial, Gabe Stultz shows our ESOC150b class on how to take an audio recording and convert it to the proper file type and upload the audio onto Adobe Premiere Pro.

Vocal Processing Tutorial

A tutorial by Gabe Stultz showing how to add vocal processing to audio stories for professional sound.

Soundbyte Audio Story Tutorial 

A tutorial by Gabe Stultz on how to create an audio story through assembling audio clips from different media sources, such as news clips and music. 

What's it like to be an iVoices Student Media Lab Worker?

Our first two student workers, Maria and Lizette, reflect on their first semester in a hardworking yet rewarding position.

View the full piece with including their accompanying reflections and links to their work in Fall 2020.

Graphic Profile Pic Tutorial

In this project designed by Maria José Garcia, students create a vector image of a photo they choose using Adobe illustrator. It can be a selfie, an illustration, or an image of their pet! They learn to use different tools in Illustrator and to protect their privacy while presenting an online identity of their choosing.

See the full lesson at Adobe Edex

Brown Issues

An exploration of #brownissues on Instagram. This Sample Student Video for the iVoices Video Story Project was created by Lizette Arias.