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Listen and learn from student
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Social Media and Ourselves uses storytelling, student voices, and sound design in the unflinching examination of social media at the center of our lives. Produced by Diana Daly and the iVoices Student Media Lab including story production by Jacquie Kuru and sound production by Gabe Stultz.


iVoices and Social Media & Ourselves are funded in part through the Center for University Education Scholarship at the University of Arizona, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the iSchool at the University of Arizona.




Spiritual Narcissism 

Release Date: June 1st 2022

In this episode, Jacquie explores how religious figures known for their hate and intolerance affect society through social media. Join her to see the impact one nationalist monk had on Myanmar, one preacher had on a past president's safety, and one minister who reminds us preaching just scripture isn't enough to spread true tolerance and love.

To learn more about the hateful preachers in this episode as well as many others, please visit

To learn more about Reverend Doctor Jacqui Lewis and other good-natured figures like her, please visit…-watch-2021/

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Virtual Humans

Release Date: May 1st 2022

Meet Zero, one of the panelist at the OffBeat Media Group's presentation at SXSW 2022. In this episode, Jacquie explores the possible consequences and perceptions of virtual humans entering the entertainment space. Join her on her journey for answer as she interviews streamer, Outlaw Quadrant, and video editor, Hunter.

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Virtuality 3.0: SXSW in Austin, TX

Release Date: April 1st 2022

The SMO podcast team was at SXSW 2022 with the University of Arizona Wonder House. In this episode, Diana sets out to disentangle the culture of the city of Austin and the hyperconnected projection that is SXSW. Are they in a codependent relationship? What has SXSW done to Austin's music scene? Why do even tech-savvy people prefer f2f to online? And what does all this mean for the next frontier of tech experiences, Virtuality 3.0? Interviews with Austin residents and visitors include Thor Harris of Swans, Luke Savisky of the 1990 film Slacker, and the crew of the food truck Cocina de Carnival aka Big Bertha.

LISTEN (uncensored) •  LISTEN WITH TRANSCRIPT (censored)



Looking Back

Release Date: March 1st 2022

In this episode, Professor Diana Daly, Gabe Stultz, and Jacquie Kuru take a look back on the podcast, sharing their favorite episodes, moments, and challenges so far. Stay tuned for an additional episode this month - recorded at SXSW!




Metas And MasterChef

Release Date: February 1st 2022

In this episode, Gabe Stultz gives us an introduction to the world of Twitch. A site that dominates the live streaming world, the platform itself becomes subject to changing "metas," or trends in popular programming dictated by popular creators. With boundaries being pushed to create the hottest new trend, we run into the latest meta: the "react" meta, in which streamers are baiting DMCA strikes. Will they bring the wrath of copyright holders down upon all of Twitch, or is there no reason to panic? SMO theme composed by Gabe Stultz. Music in this episode by PR1SM. Produced by Gabe Stultz with a deep thanks to Dr. Daly for this episode's interview. 




Mary Louise and Sorority Surveillance 

Release Date: January 1st 2022

"There's a lot of pressure on sorority girls in particular to perform and to act like a typical sorority girl. But in reality, they're just being surveyed and watched over at every second." Gabe Stultz and Prof Daly guide us through stories illustrating the three levels of sorority behavior policing and how they play out on Instagram, Snapchat, and Greek Rank. Produced by Diana Daly and Gabe Stultz, with deep thanks to the students who shared their stories.




Girl Meets Chud

Release date: December 1st 2021

When Kiersten made a gamer friend during a Siege Grind, it seemed like a solution to lockdown loneliness. Then she got to know him better. Contains offensive language. Edited by Gabe Stultz. Produced by iVoices Student Media Lab, which is supported in part by the Center for University Education and Scholarship.

LISTEN  (uncensored) • LISTEN WITH TRANSCRIPT (censored)




Release date: November 1st 2021

The internet can seem like a faraway place. It can seem fictional and like it cannot affect you. But today we see relationships, politics, and cultural movements echoing attitudes that originate on the web. How can this be? In this episode, we listen to stories from people who thought they were impervious to the internet's influence. Instead, they found their realities perturbed by things they first saw on-screen. Produced and narrated by Gabe Stultz with support from Jacquie Kuru and Diana Daly of iVoices Media Lab at the University of Arizona. All music in this episode by Gabe Stultz.




Timelessness (2021 Rerelease)

Release date: October 1st 2021

Digital memory is perfect. Thanks to technology we remember so much more than we used to. And that's good...or is it? Featuring more stories by college students about the once-cool outfits, hairstyles, and moments that bring shame on social media later; then a story of surviving a mass shooting only to relive it in response to a photo on Facebook; and an interview with Diana's sister about Diana's MC Hammer pants and her hideous blazer that mysteriously disappeared in middle school.

(This is a rerelease of an episode produced in 2019.)




Parasocial and Parasitical

Release date: September 1st, 2021

An interview with Dr. Victor Braitberg about the machinations by social media platforms that help us form online relationships - and help them profit from it all. Is this good? Bad? Or The Truman Show? Produced by Jacquie Kuru and Gabe Stultz.




Hate and Power

Release date: August 1st, 2021

Our Media Lab student worker Jacquie Kuru explores her personal experience and understanding of Asian American hate through discussions with Professor Daly and fellow classmate Alicia Nguyen. Theme music by Gabe Stultz. Music backtracks and audio story by Jacquie Kuru. Produced by Jacquie Kuru, Diana Daly, and iVoices Media Lab.




The Intern Series Part 3: War Of The Worlds

Release date: July 1st, 2021

iVoices intern Randi Baltzer explores the differences in communication and connection between the tangible world and the digital world through student stories and her own experiences. Theme music and music backtracks by Gabe Stultz. Produced by Diana Daly, Jacquie Kuru and iVoices Media Lab.




The Intern Series Part 2: Vulnerability

Release date: June 1st, 2021

Three stories of young people putting themselves out there on social media, leading to a range of situations from the uncomfortable to the sublime. Storytelling and collection by iVoices Intern Taylor Robeson. Music by Gabe Stultz. Produced by Diana Daly.





The Intern Series Part 1: Why the Hate?

Release date: May 1st, 2021

iVoices intern Kris Kelley explores her experience being cyberbullied after appearing in a Disney commercial, to understand why trolls spread hate online. Music by Jonatha Chance and Airtone. Theme music by Gabe Stultz. Produced by Diana Daly and iVoices Media Lab.




Episode 1: Interview with Stephen Rains

Release date: March 31st, 2019

Sometimes we panic about the growing use of social media. For this episode we talk to someone who believes social media can help people. Featuring stories by students witnessing fat-shaming, confessing to cyberbullying, finding support online when they leask expect it, and so much more. Guest: Dr. Stephen Rains, author of Coping with Illness Digitally.




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