University of Arizona Wonder House @ SXSW 2022


We had a "wonder"-ful time at SXSW and the UA Wonder House from March 11th through 13th, 2022! Here are some great artifacts and memories of our time there.


First, a promotional video on the University of Arizona Wonder House featuring Diana Daly and Jacquie Kuru of iVoices:


Now our talk: Be. Here. Now. Inside a Social Media & Ourselves Podcast (March 11th, 2022)


We made two podcast episodes from our time in the Wonder House and its podcast studio!

Our April 2022 podcast episode Virtuality 3.0 produced by Diana Daly:


Our May 2022 podcast episode, Virtual Humans produced by Jacquie Kuru:


Finally, in the Wonder House podcast studio, we all had the pleasure of sharing our musical memories with Dan Kruse and Brian Moon for the Lifetimes of Learning archive.

Listen to Diana Daly's musical memories interview.


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